Frontier Basins: Contemporary Problems and Research

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 and
Thursday, January 23, 2014
Grand Hall of the RMC
Rice University

Poster Session Entrants

Burris Svetlana An alternative estimate of the motion of the Capricorn Plate Svetlana Burris,  Richard Gordon 32 Chen Jianxiong A series of near-surface seismic surveys at Rifle, Colorado for water contamination risk assessment Jianxiong Chen, Colin A Zelt, Alan Levander 29 Chen Min Adjoint tomography of crust and upper-mantle structure beneath continental China Min Chen, Fneglin Niu, Qinya Liu, Jeroen Tromp 25 Dean Sarah Influence of mobile shale on thrust faults: Insights from discrete element simulations Sarah Dean Julia Morgan 37 Dong Tian Morphology and Sediment Transport Dynamics of the Selenga Delta in Russia  Tian Yang Dong, Lena Ll'icheva, Jeffrey A Nittrouer, Maksim Pavolv 10 Dwyer Stacy Infill history of a sedimentary Namurian Basin in County Clare, Ireland Stacy Dwyer and Jeffrey Nittrouer 9 Fu Lei Subsurface extended full waveform inversion Lei Fu,  William Symes 24 Chiachetti Thommas Discriminating magmatic water in rhyolitic glass using thermogravimetric analysis Thomas Giachetti, Helge M. Gonnermann, Jim E. Gardner, Thomas Shea 40 Harper Brandon Drowning of the Great Barrier Reef during the M15 5e interglacial and subsequent re-establishment: A high resolution uppper slope sediment record, Hole 58A Brandon Harper, Andre Droxler, Angel Puya-Barnabeau, Jode Webster 6 Huff Sarah Balancing the Barrier Island Sediment Budget Sarah Huff 11
Student & Postdoctoral Posters
Last Name First Name Title Authors Poster
Agar Cetin Ayca Detailed 2000 year climate record in the mixed carbonate/silicoclastic Belize Central Shelf Lagoon Ayca Agar Cetin, André W. Droxler, Samuel Bentley 5

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Faculty Research Group Posters
Research Group Faculty Title Participants Poster

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Organizational Posters
Organization Director Title Poster

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