Industry-Rice Earth Science Symposia (IRESS) - Corporate Support

IRESS Corporate Support

The Industry-Rice Earth Science Symposium (IRESS) is a new, two-day series of annual symposia to bring together the shared interests of the energy industry and academia in Earth Science research. IRESS seeks to engage all participants to promote the exchange of information and knowledge through a program of keynote lectures, group discussions and poster presentations. IRESS is organized by Rice Earth Science leadership, alumni and corporate representatives.

Sponsorship Levels for Symposium1

Frontier Basins: Contemporary Problems and Research

January 22 and 23

Contribution Sponsorship Level Thank You IRESS Sponsor
$10,000+ Platinum image of Chevron logo  
$5,000 -
Gold image of BHP Billiton logo      image of Royal Dutch Shell logo
$2,500 -
Silver image of Repsol logo      image of Southwestern Energy logo
$1,000 -
Bronze image of PGS logo

Benefits at each level may include: prominent recognition at event, on website and in event promotion; tickets/table; and student sponsorships. For more information, please contact Nellen Hawkins, Development Specialist - Natural Sciences at or 713-348-5824.

IRESS provides an attractive opportunity for corporations and industry leaders to contribute directly to the development of thought leadership in the field. Specifically, corporate supporters will:

  • Receive the opportunity to have a significant presence in front of key audiences before, during and after the symposium;
  • Contribute financial and intellectual support;
  • Identify, engage and maintain points of contact within industry; and
  • Serve as IRESS ambassadors by publicizing and disseminating IRESS objectives, events and results.

For more information, please contact Katrina Coterill Jenkins '91, BHP Billiton (